Strategic Alliance

street lighting

A successful Alliance is about bringing together a number of organisations and creating a model of partnership based on transparency, accountability and long term planning to achieve goals. According to the CBI "there have been some major successes in the PFI sector through the use of strategic alliances; for example, the design of schools and hospitals especially when collaboration and team development in the initial design and project planning phases has taken place".

The need

To bring together a consortium of E.on UK , Pell Frischmann and Trillium Holdings to create a common sense of purpose, and enable them to go out to the market place and win PFI contracts.

The solution

A combination of research and discussion with each separate organisation, leading to a residential workshops and ongoing activities:

Phase one

  • preparatory research with the PFI consortia members
  • one to one interviews with all the leadership team members
  • sharing understanding of each organisation's business drivers and perceived risks
  • creating an agreed operating model to win PFI bids
  • deciding how to share risks
  • agreeing how to bring together design and service delivery for mutual long term benefits

Phase two

  • practical actions to ensure the consortium is in the best position to achieve its goals and priorities for the next round of bids
  • design and development of a series of programmes for teams involved in PFI work throughout the lifecycle of a project
  • leadership team coaching and mentoring

The outcomes

The Community Lighting Partnership consortium fighting off strong competition from four other major consortiums, to win a £150 million PFI contract.

A collection of organisations brought together as a true partnership, with a high degree of openness, honesty and transparency. The creation of a common sense purpose and a clear plan and agreed set of working practices for how the Consortium wants to operate going forward.