Change consultants - Our approach

We do not have ready-made solutions, instead we bring together our wide ranging consultancy expertise to help you to tackle the challenges you face. We recognise the fact that in most organisations, the solutions are already there to some degree and we help bring together the people who can make a difference and make their organisation more effective.

In any given week, you might find us operating in very different ways with our clients.

We may be:

  • Running a leadership programme
  • Working with a Board, helping them develop a change strategy with the use of Transformation Maps
  • Embedding the leadership behaviours required to create an interdependent Health and Safety Culture, as described in the Bradley Curve
  • Mapping the end to end customer process with a cross functional group, as described in The Service Profit Chain
  • Coaching & mentoring individual managers and using Action Based Coaching
  • Supporting senior managers in the people implications of a major systems implementation
  • Working with a front line team on a continuous improvement project, along the lines of LEAN principles
  • Providing facilitators to create High Performing Teams, as described by Katzenbach and Smith in The Wisdom of Teams
  • Facilitating an action learning workshop
  • Helping to deliver a company-wide communications briefing