Employee Engagement - The Macleod Review

David Macleod and Nita Clarke spent 8 months researching and collating their findings for the UK Government, on the topic of 'employee engagement'.

As they ask, "What exactly is Employee Engagement and how do you bring it about?"

Research shows that engaged employees:

  • Go the extra mile
  • Do a great job
  • Show a passion for work
  • Demonstrate more than 'satisfaction' with their job

In successful organisations, 70% or more of employees show these attitudes....in the UK however, the norm is between 30% and 50%. Whilst the UK Government (Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills) continues to research how to move this forward, UK businesses have the opportunity right now to start improving their organisation's performance.

Macleod and Clarke state "that in their 8 months of work, they found conclusive evidence to demonstrate a correlation between engagement and performance - most importantly between improving engagement and improving performance" and that this could help unlock the door to economic recovery.

The CIPD's Mike Emmott wrote a review of the Report, stating that "The Macleod Report contains impressive evidence of the link between engagement and business performance".  He also quoted, "The Report identifies leadership, line management, employee voice and integrity as four key enablers."

DevelopChange is currently involved in just such work with some of our clients - helping them to design a programme that includes a bespoke and appropriate approach to this for each organisation -

  • a way of engaging Staff, Trade Unions, Managers and Senior Managers, outside of formal IR processes, in forums which are open and democratic, generating agreed ideas and solutions for moving the business forward;
  • helping prepare this team of people in advance of the forums to ensure mutual trust and respect; and
  • coaching Line Managers before, during and after the delivery of the staff forums to ensure the ongoing sustainability, continuity and the delivery of business results

This approach does need 'top down' support from the Directors as it will involve bringing together cross functional groups and a variety of people from across the organisation, all of whom will need support and authority from their Line Managers to attend these Forums, carry out follow-up actions where required and deliver on the identified key deliverables.

The results can be remarkable and as Lord Mandelson states, "Only organisations that truly engage and inspire their employees, produce world class levels of innovation, productivity and performance".

There is no need to wait in order to start seeing the benefits of this in your organisation.

Contact us now for an initial meeting to discuss your particular needs and to see where we are able to work with you to create an approach towards improved employee engagement in your own organisation that will, in turn, deliver tangible business benefits for you.

We are helping some of our clients do exactly this right now.....we can help you too.

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