CIPD survey questions the meaningfulness of Company Values

Just over half (52%) of the 2,000 employees surveyed for the latest CIPD Outlook Survey report agreed that their organisation's values positively influence behaviour at work. The top reason cited by employees who don't believe values have an impact on people's behaviours and decisions in the private sector is that profit is placed ahead of organisational values. The most cited reason by those in the public sector is that there is one rule for senior managers and one rule for everyone else, highlighting the importance of consistency and accountability at all levels within the organisation.

40% of the employees reported that individuals whose behaviour consistently goes against the values of the organisations they work for are either left unpunished or are rewarded or promoted. Only a third (33%) of those asked said that individuals were reprimanded for consistent rule breaking, indicating that employers are not doing enough to ensure that their business values are being upheld.

If you have espoused values then you need leaders who through their behaviours are able to 'lift the words off the page' and bring them to life. If your leadership team cannot do this then the words on the glossy brochure become meaningless at best or ammunition for the cynics and saboteurs.