Leadership culture and skills

leadership sits at the heart of any organisation

It is now widely recognised that leadership needs to sit within the heart of any organisation. Moving from traditional approaches of policing, control and hierarchy to a genuine culture of interdependence and personal accountability often proves to be a step too far for many organisations. We believe that the key to this step change is about behavioural change led by proactive and committed leadership at all levels within the organisation. Trust, delegation and empowerment are powerful words but strong leaders need to set the direction, lead by example and take others with them.

to truly empower someone, you have to let go

DevelopChange brings together experts from the field of Leadership Development to create powerful interventions for organisation-wide transformation.

We can help you to:

  • Establish a leadership culture at all levels in your organisation
  • Create a structure to identify and develop leadership talent
  • Develop a facilitative, action based style of leadership that enables individuals to build their own reputations as leaders and not just managers
  • Create alignment of functional strategies with core business strategy
  • Develop top-down, consistent leadership behaviours that reflect the organisation's values and beliefs
  • Coach and develop individual leaders to increase their effectiveness within the organisation
  • Develop coaching skills within the organisation to provide long-lasting cultural change