High performing teams

We work with all kinds of teams: functional, departmental, international, project and virtual. Not all teams need to aspire to becoming a High Performing Team (as defined by Katzenbach and Smith, The Wisdom of Teams).

However, where there is need to develop a group of individuals towards becoming a High Performing Team, our methodology describes the commitment, shared values and effort required from each member of the team, to ensure that it continually works towards its aspired goal.

By facilitating Team Building events - on or off site - we can provide activities and the challenging facilitation required to gain real energy and impetus for such teams to thrive and deliver on their shared goal.

driving performance and process improvement

We can help teams to:

  • Identify their purpose and mission
  • Clarify success criteria
  • Agree a working practice based on common values
  • Develop trust between team members
  • Foster a team spirit and culture conducive to being a high performing team
  • Set goals and milestones and to continuously improve
  • Monitor performance and manage change

We work with individual teams, or with the total organisation - from short term "team builds", to longer term coaching partnerships. Our focus is on driving process and performance improvement by aligning individual and team behaviours with tasks and processes.

We enjoy long standing relationships with teams that build real trust and understanding. This allows us to get right to the heart of the challenges that are faced by the team. This work is often complimented by 1:1 coaching and action based learning.