Health and Safety Leadership - Culture Change

if you can't manage safety, you can't manage

The world's best organisations in terms of Health and Safety performance are also the most profitable, efficient and well managed. This is no coincidence.

Safety is about doing the right things, even if no-one is looking. DevelopChange can support leaders who need to develop a strong and resilient safety culture throughout their organisation. A culture where the behavioural default position at all levels is one that favours safety in the face of competing demands. Reductions in lost-time injuries and less risk exposure are only components, albeit important ones, of this larger cultural picture.

DevelopChange has an international track record of success with consultants who understand the steps in the journey along the Bradley Curve from 'policing' to 'interdependence'.

Combined with our in-depth knowledge of organisational change, we can show you how to blend the skills of leadership, communication and engagement, with the tools of risk-assessment and root cause investigation to effect a real cultural shift. This will accelerate your journey towards Zero Incidents.

In helping you apply safety leadership and engagement at every level, you will raise organisational performance not just in relation to Health and Safety, but across the board.

We can help you to:

  • Create a strategy that will take your organisation to the next level
  • Embed a culture of health and safety excellence from the Board to the frontline using Action Based Coaching as a tool
  • Create leadership at all levels that inspires, engages and develops the local ownership of safety and safe working
  • Map processes and realign them around services and work streams with safety in mind
  • Assess at which phase on the Bradley Curve your organisation is currently placed
  • Undertake strategic health and safety audits internally and with your contractor chain
  • Introduce frontline team engagement in the performance improvement of health and safety
  • Facilitate live, action-based projects using work-teams and cross-functional teams to deliver specific improvements in safety, quality, delivery and service