E.ON: Supervisors and Front Line Managers Development Programme

The context

E.on needed to develop their supervisors to become leaders who could operate with distinction in a fast moving business environment. They would need to lead and inspire their teams, implement change, challenge existing ways of doing things and drive the organisation forward.

The programme was to have enough scope to incorporate new supervisors with little or no previous leadership experience and also cater for team leaders with significant experience.

The need

E.on had an effective learning and development department and had tried many types of training, but was disappointed with the lack of sustained behavioural change. As a result, the programme had to be new and different enough to engage staff and be able to demonstrate a return on investment.

The solution

sustainable change management

Our response was to develop a programme that would not only develop a variety of personal leadership skills but would provide the organisation with a sustainable change management methodology. We jointly developed a six stage programme that spanned a twelve month period.

It consisted of a series of on and off site leadership training, leadership coaching & mentoring, lean manufacturing techniques, action learning projects and some basic facilitation.

The emphasis was on working inside the organisation and alongside the supervisors to ensure maximum transfer of learning. Also, this approach provided a range of opportunities for supervisors to lead and manage projects, take responsibility for planning, implementation, influencing teams and colleagues.

We retained a strong emphasis on every participant's contributions and the themes of self-management, personal ownership and individual influence.

We focused heavily on accountability and the role every supervisor can play in shaping what happens to them and the environment around them. Each intervention was followed by some form of in depth review.

Theoretical inputs were used sparingly and only where appropriate to highlight what was happening or provide an external perspective. There was a strong emphasis on timely and constructive feedback.

Outcomes so far

The results have led to DevelopChange being commissioned to develop a further programme around leadership competence covering all managerial levels. The blending of a number of learning methodologies provided supervisors with much greater support and challenge than previously encountered.

In turn this led to significantly increased levels in customer service and employee engagement, powerful leadership skills development and operations seeing a significant return on investment.